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Mason Duchatschek is an entrepreneur, #1 bestselling author and professional speaker. Mason works with entrepreneurs, business owners and leaders striving to get the right people, doing the right things, enough times. His creative, resourceful and common sense approaches help people solve problems before they occur and accomplish the things that matter most without putting an unnecessary strain on their resources! 

Mason’s philosophy as a presenter is that YOU and your audience come first and that YOUR most desired outcomes are the priority! Authenticity, enthusiasm and intensity are inherent in his style.  

He uses memorable stories to convey powerful lessons that are easy to implement and hard to forget! The messages are relevant, helpful, and the audience members will take home tools, strategies, and tactics they can put to good use right away!  

Featured in Selling Power, Entrepreneur, The New York Times, Fox News, Newsweek, CNBC.

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Bill Prenatt Experts for Entrepreneurs Conference Organizer

“Articulate and dynamic speaking capabilities... presented with passion and personality. Look no further!” 

Karen Hoffman City of Experts Meeting Planner and Conference Organizer

Having a big sale, on-site celebrity, or other event? Be sure to announce it so everybody knows and gets excited about it.

Bryan Lilly, Ph.D. Marketing Professor University of Wisconsin Oshkosh

Are your customers raving about you on social media? Share their great stories to help turn potential customers into loyal ones.

Steve Helms President of the Missouri Circuit Clerk’s Association

Running a holiday sale or weekly special? Definitely promote it here to get customers excited about getting a sweet deal.

Elaine Walsh Communications Marketing Association Conference Organizer

Have you opened a new location, redesigned your shop, or added a new product or service? Don't keep it to yourself, let folks know.

Brandon Dempsey Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2010 - U.S. Small Business Administration

Customers have questions, you have answers. Display the most frequently asked questions, so everybody benefits.

Presentation packages

* Important: All of Mason’s speeches are customized. He works with you to get a feel for your:

- Desired Outcomes

- Themes 

- Audience Objectives 

His titles, concepts and content can be mixed, matched and rearranged to create a custom fit for your audience. 

Lead, Follow or Get Washed Away: Leadership Secrets of Inspiring Others, Performing Under Pressure and Turning Adversity Into Opportunity!

Experience the story and first hand account of how the people and leaders of one small town rallied to defy the odds... and nature... to save their community from the fury of the Mississippi River during what was called a “500 year flood” in the summer of 1993. 

Delivered in a memorable way, the topics and themes in this speech provide actionable insights that help leaders:

- Extract clarity from confusion

- Make better decisions faster

- Solve problems before they occur

- Set higher standards

- Find opportunities hidden in obstacles

- Inspire others to do their best

Inclusive Leadership: How Diversity Matters, Uncovers Opportunities Hidden in Plain Sight and Helps the Bottom Line

Bigotry, racism, sexism and other forms of prejudice are not only immoral, they’re illegal and can be REALLY expensive. Discrimination lawsuits and bad press are just a drop in the bucket compared to the cost of missed opportunities that could have otherwise been captured by a diverse team of contributors working together to deliver their unique talents and perspectives toward a common goal.

Delivered in an inspiring and participatory way, the topics and themes in this speech challenge audience members to:

- Identify and understand the hard and soft costs of exclusionary leadership

- Make progress rather than excuses

- Become better, not bitter when things don’t go as planned

- Recognize advantages disguised as problems

- Overcome their own imperfections by leveraging the strengths of others 

- Recognize and embrace the benefits of inclusionary leadership

Peace, Productivity & Profit: The Secrets of Employee Selection, Development and Retention

Some employees solve business problems. Others create (or prolong) them. What separates those who succeed from those who struggle? How do you identify who has the skills, attitudes and personality your culture needs most and who doesn’t without having to guess? How do you maximize the discretionary effort that each employee brings to the job each day?   

When you have the magic power to identify, develop and retain the best people and avoid the rest, the following challenges can take care of themselves: 

- Increase sales

- Reduce employee turnover

- Minimize recruiting and retraining costs

- Improve customer service and satisfaction

- Reduce conflict and drama

- Increase individual productivity

- Reduce workers comp

- Reduce employee theft

- Improve safety

This speech is for those who want to know how!

Defeating an Internet Boogeyman: Secrets of Reputation and Crisis Management Using Social Media and Web Marketing Strategy

Almost everybody who has access to a mobile phone, tablet or computer goes online to do research before they call, buy online or stop by a business. If your ideal prospects find negative content directed at your business instead of the good things you want them to find, then you’ve got a big problem. And, more advertising won’t help and may even make things worse!

Delivered in a way that “non-techies” can understand, the topics and themes in this speech provide actionable insights that can help you:

- Build a virtual force-field on the Internet that protects your name and reputation in search engine result pages

- Neutralize competitors or angry past customers attempting to destroy your brand online

- Create an “early warning system” that automatically tells you when people are talking about you on the Internet

- Prevent rivals from using your advertising against you and stealing your customers

- Discover crisis communication and management strategies that move you past negative media coverage

Attract, Capture and Convert: The Top Secrets of How to Grow Your Business Online

Want to be the one people find when they look for your products, services, and expertise online? Want to be positioned as the provider of choice, subject matter or industry expert? Want to convert browsers into buyers on the Internet without you or your staff having to pick up a phone or talk to anyone? Want to sell 24 hours a day, worldwide, to an unlimited number of prospects at the same time?

Delivered in a way that “non-techies” can understand, the topics and themes in this speech provide actionable insights that can help you:

- Get found online

- Turn objections into orders without unnecessary drama or delays

- Show, tell and sell online without hiring additional staff

- Use rivals’ ads against them to increase your sales revenue

- Protect yourself from people trying to ruin your reputation online 

Beyond the Doubts: How to Make “Impossible” Goals Possible

Experience the inspiring story of an endurance athlete who attempted to swim 2.4 miles, bike 112 miles and run 26.2 miles in one day. Discover how he coped with heat, humidity and heartbreak. Find out how he handled physical and mental exhaustion and how you can do the same at home or work to get more of what you want most in spite of overwhelming odds and adversity.

The topic and themes in this presentation resonate with audience members of all ages. Middle school and high school students as well as Fortune 100 CEO’s can learn to tap into the power of:

- Setting higher personal standards

- Surrounding yourself with the right people

- Preparation

- Flexibility when things don’t go as planned


As featured in Selling Power, Entrepreneur and The New York Times!

As featured in Selling Power, Entrepreneur and The New York Times!

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